Blogosphere Buzz: Did You Know Pinterest is Building its Own Video Platform?

As part of our progress with video, we launched native video Pins last year to help Pinners more seamlessly watch videos right on Pinterest.”

The above statement was published on Pinterest’s Engineering blog on the 27th of January 2017. Read more from their original post.

My prediction:

  1. Video pins will soon overtake popular image pins on home feed.
  2. Your home feed is soon going to flood with “How to make the perfect Pinterest Video” tutorials.
  3. Recipe bloggers, How to and DIY bloggers are going to have the greatest advantage of this.

What does this mean for YOU?


Do you already create video content for your blog?

Excellent! You should do just fine.

Are you willing to create video content using Pinterest’s Native video player?


Even better.


Not into creating video content?

You and I might fall victim for my prediction in the intro paragraph.

Be prepared to see a dip in your Pinterest traffic when Pinterest launches its Native video player.

What to do:

Focus on building your email list. Already.

Even if you have no idea what to do with your list, just build.

Bloggers, what are your thoughts on Pinterest building its own video platform?