How to Start a Mommy Blog (and Make Money): Step by Step Ultimate Guide!

Are you wondering how to start a mommy blog and make money?

Oh, I bet you are and I’m going to help you make it happen today, right now.

And no this is isn’t going to be your average start a blog in 5 minutes tutorial. Nop. Sorry. 

This post contains affiliate links to products I use, trust, and recommend. 

This tutorial is for you mommy if you:

  1. Want to know how to start a mommy blog that is a success from day 1.
  2. Want to start a mom blog that matters and doesn’t get lost in the crowd of 1000 other mommy blogs.
  3. Need a step by step in depth tutorial on how to get started from choosing the right name for your mom blog to having a fully functional website set up.

So yes, this might be a long ass tutorial mommy, but if you’re serious about making money with your blog, you’ve gotta treat it like a business from day 1. Get me?

No, I’m busy I don’t have time to go through this tutorial right now…

I understand mommy bloggers are busy bees and excellent multi-taskers, so step up your game already and bookmark this tutorial so you can come back to it anytime you want.

Remember this mom, anyone can start a blog within a couple minutes, but not everyone can start a blog that matters and makes money.

Ready? Let’s get started!

2 Important questions to ask before we get started:

NO 1: Why do you want to start a mommy blog?

Yes, you’ve heard and seen all the buzz about other mommy bloggers making a living from home, but why do you want to start one yourself? What is it that’s making you want to be here right now and learn how to start a mommy blog for yourself?

Is it just to get some extra cash to support your monthly expenses? An extra $50-400 to support your family’s expenses?

Is it so you can have more time for quality moments like this?

Or do you want to start earning a full-time income being a stay at home mom?

Do you want to start a mommy blog and make money from home so that your husband can reduce his work hours and spend more time with the family?

I can imagine you nodding your head for each one of those questions above.

And guess what mommy?

You can do it.

But don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that it will take years before you make any money or that you can start a blog and have money rolling in your bank account the next day.

No. Realistically speaking, you will need to invest at least 2-6 months working hard on your mommy blog before you start making a decent income.

NO 2: What are you going to blog about when you start your mommy blog?

You can blog about anything from family life, diapers, parenting, homeschooling, food, etc.

You can literally blog about anything momma, but is that what you want to do?

You can either blog about everything from motherhood being a mommy blogger, or you can pick one or 2 topics that you’re truly passionate about and blog about those.

But whichever one you pick, you need to focus on becoming an authority in your niche.
Say, for example, your family is hooked on gluten free recipes, did you know that you can turn your blog into a go-to place for mommy bloggers who want ideas for gluten free recipes, how to make them, how to get started, etc?

Guess what happens when you do that?

People start coming to your blog because they see you as an expert in gluten free cooking. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert cook to get started, no way. Your little mommy blog will have its audience. 

You will simply write about something that you truly enjoy and in the process, build yourself up as an authority figure that others can rely on for that topic. You will write as if every post you publish has the chance to go viral and if you do it right, they will certainly have a higher chance.

Eventually, you’ll end up ranking well on Google for gluten free recipes because that’s what you write about. You’ll build a fanbase of people who subscribe to your blog for your recipes and tips.

You will start making money through advertising, promoting products on Amazon and/or creating your own ebook on gluten free recipes.

Do you see where I’m coming?

Now that’s just an example. The same thing applies to whichever topic you decide to blog about.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • You can blog about pregnancy: Your struggles, what worked for you, what you ate and so on.
  • You can blog about your baby’s health: What you do for your baby (and/or kids), food ideas, potty training, medical tips, remedies, etc.
  • Motherhood and marriage: Do you want to tell other mommies who you balance your life as a mom and a wife?
  • Cooking: Do you enjoy cooking? You can start a food blog.
  • Fashion mommy blog: Are you a fashion enthusiast? Perhaps you could write about fashion tips for mommy bloggers.

But the most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to start another “me too” blog.

You want to start a blog that matters from day 1. Period.

You want to focus on providing real value every time someone lands on one of your blog posts.

Because that’s how you will build trust and authority and end up making a real living with your blog.

Okay now that you have some ideas about why you want to start a mommy blog and what you’re going to blog about, let’s get started with the creation process of your blog.

How to start a Mommy blog  STEP 1:

What are you going to name your mommy blog?

Tell me which one of these you are more likely to remember without hassle:

  1. iblogaboutmoneyonline(dot)com
  2. easyrecipesmom(dot)com
  3. one-dollar-cooking-style(dot)com
  4. curiousmommy(dot)com

Which ones sound good to go for?

I’m guessing it’s more likely to be 2 and 4 right, momma?

Why do you think that is?

Because those domain names are:

  • Easy to remember.
  • Short and sweet.
  • Easy to type on your browser.
  • Easy to share by word of mouth.
  • Looks more professional and branded.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your mom blog:

  • Don’t include a topic in your domain name

Unless you know 100% that’s all you’re going to write about. For example: Don’t pick a domain name such as mommyfitness(dot)com if you have plans to write about baby food and potty training tips on your blog.

If you have mixed topic ideas for your blog, go for something general that describes you.

Fact: Just because you’re a mommy blogger doesn’t mean your blog name should have the word “mom” or “mommy” in it.

Some mommy blog name ideas:

  • mommywithgoals(dot)com
  • yournamejourney(dot)com
  • yournamemommalife(dot)com
  • yournamemommatips(dot)com
  • namemommyskills(dot)com

One perk of using your name in your blog’s name is that it’s 99.9% not going to be already taken by someone else. It doesn’t have to be your full first name, it can even be your nickname or a word that describes you.

It’s almost like finding the perfect email address or username. Almost everything is already taken so you’ve gotta be more creative. So adding your first or nickname can speed up the process.

However, make sure you keep it short and sweet. 2-3 words maximum.

By now, I bet you have a bunch of name ideas brewing in your head for your mommy blog right?

That’s excellent!

Let’s move on to the next step.

How to start a Mommy blog  STEP 2:

Where are you going to host your blog?

A web hosting company is similar to a house foundation.

The foundation is where you build your house. Build it on beach sand, one heavy rain or wind can wipe your house away. But if you build it on a strong foundation, your house will last for years.

The web hosting plan you choose for your blog can make or break your business.

So yes, you do need to make a small investment. Every small business ideas that claim to be making money at no cost whatsoever is telling you big fat lies.

But I thought I can start a blog for free…

Is that what you’re thinking?

Of course, you can. You can probably even make some money doing so.

BUT…Creating a free blog is like building a house on someone else’s land. It can be taken away from you anytime and you don’t have full control over it. All your hard work and income can get washed away in a blinking second.

Creating a free blog is like building a house on someone else’s land. You don't own it. Click To Tweet

So what do I have to pay to create and run a mom blog?

Yes. And this is where you need to focus on choosing the right company and right hosting plan.

There are cheap hosting plans. There are expensive hosting plans.

And then there are cheap, reliable and transparent hosting plans like Siteground startup plan. This blog you’re reading is hosted with them for only 3.95/m (paid annually). They have started offering a huge 60% discount on all three of their WordPress plans.

I hosted this blog with another company first and then migrated to Siteground after reading about them everywhere.

Here are 3 reasons why Siteground is the perfect web host for a mommy blogger:

Blazing fast customer service: As a mommy blogger, you probably won’t have much time to wait around for hours or days when something goes wrong with your website.

Picture this: You’re trying to set up your website and got stuck with something, your baby is crying for your attention and you don’t have time to wait for an email reply.

You don’t have time to make a phone call or wait on the live chat for 30+ minutes for a reply.

With Siteground, all you have to do is open their live chat and you’ll get your “hello” within 1-3 minutes, literally every single time.

Don’t believe me?

Look at one of my recent chats with them:

If something ever goes wrong with your website, you can expect Siteground to come for your rescue the next minute, literally.

Affordable hosting plans: Since the 16th of March 2017, Siteground started offering 60% discount on all 3 of their WordPress plans for the first year. You can start with their StartUp and easily upgrade later as your blog grows bigger.

Siteground has 3 main WordPress Hosting Plans:

Plan name Price

(0-10,000+ monthly visits)

9.95 3.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount



(0-25,000+monthly visits)

14.95 5.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount



(0-100 000+monthly visits)

29.95 11.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount

NO 3: Fast loading & Security: Don’t we all have a passionate hatred for sites that look like they’re waiting for Christmas before they load?

Siteground has been named as the first fastest host with cache on when compared with 12 other popular hosting companies like Bluehost. Even without cache, SG comes second.

They have a feature called SuperCacher that will give your website a super fast page speed.

Unlike other hosts, Siteground offers extra safety measures such as SpamExperts even for their StartUp plan.

NO 4: Reliability & Transparency: As mentioned earlier, if anything ever goes wrong, you can expect Siteground to offer their helping hand within the next 2 minutes.

Also, their pricing plans and renewal prices are fair and no hidden fees charged. Extra services are not ticked off by default when you’re about to checkout.

What next?

Go get started with your Siteground hosting plan and domain and come back here for the next step to create your blog.

START Your Blog with Siteground

How to start a Mommy blog  STEP 3:

It’s time to install your New WordPress Blog.

Have you got your blog hosting plan yet? If not, go grab your 60% off discounted plan from Siteground now and then come back here for the next step.

So once you log in to your Siteground dashboard using your username and password, you will need to go to your ControlPanel.

You will find it under the “My Account” tab like so:

Next, find and click on WordPress located under autoinstallers as shown below:

Next, you will see a page like this, click on the install tab and fill in the required information as shown below:

Right underneath that, you will need to fill in the rest of this information about your mommy blog. We’re almost there! Are you excited?

You’re literally a minute or so away from your brand new blog. The final step is to click install and you’re done.

You did it! You’ve just created your very own mommy blog!

Once the WordPress installation is complete, you will be given a login URL where you can log in to your website using your username and password.

Take a deep breath! You did it!

1 more Important thing:

When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, do this first before you do anything else:

If you forget to do this, you’ll end up with ugly blog post URLs such as the ones above the post name option.

Your blog is a newborn right now and the next few steps will help you finish setting it up before you write your first blog post.

But relax for now because you’ve completed the most important parts of setting up your brand new mommy blog!


Are you still procrastinating about starting your blog?

Get started right now and come back and finish off the next steps.

Start Your Blog NOW!

5 Must have Plugins for your new Blog

Remember how I said your new mommy blog is like a fully built house without furniture?

Plugins are like the furniture for your blog. Each one has a purpose and can be installed and activated in a blinking second from your WordPress dashboard. Yes, they’re free.

Always check the quality, ratings, and reviews of your WordPress plugins before installing them. They can make or… Click To Tweet

So go ahead and install and activate them. They’re all free and you absolutely need them.

NO 1- Antispam bee: One of the best free plugins out there to fight comment spams. 200 000+ websites are using it so far.

NO 2- BJ Lazy Load: Fast loading website.

NO 3- Contact Form 7: So you can be contacted by other bloggers, readers, business owners, etc.  3+ million downloads so far.

NO 4- Google Analytics by MonsterInsights: To track your blog’s visitor counts and traffic data. This plugin will be connected with your Google analytics account. Nothing complicated and yeah you need this.

NO 5- Yoast SEO: This plugin will help you write perfectly optimized blog posts for Google and other search engines.

NO 6- WP Smush: To resize and compress image files to speed up site performance.

NO 7- UpdraftPlus BackUp: To keep regular backups of your site so if anything ever goes wrong with your blog, you don’t need to have a mini heart attack of losing all your hard work.

Let’s spice up your new blog, mommy!

Your blog is like a fully built house without furniture at the moment. Let’s add the absolute must-have basics for it so you can get started with exploring what to do next.

Your mommy blog needs a theme (Design):

Is it free?

Yes, there are hundreds of free WordPress themes ready to install and activate with 1 click.

So you can start with a free one and buy a premium theme later on if you feel the need to. They’re pretty affordable. For example, The design of this blog you’re reading is called SociallyViral by Mythemeshop. It’s on sale for $59 and they also have a bunch of free themes too.

See Demo and More info

My first ever blog that I created in 2014, started off with a free theme. I gave it an upgrade after a couple months of working on my blog. I’ve used Mythemshop themes for at least 3 of my blogs, including the one I’ve sold because they’re affordable, mobile optimized and easy to install even if you’re not tech savvy.

So whether you choose a free theme or premium theme for your blog, you need to keep these 3 things in mind:

A good theme has these 3 main features:

  1. Mobile responsive: This is an absolute must have if you have any plans to make money with your blog. What this does is, it makes your blog load fast and look neat on smartphones and tablets. Google pays more attention to blogs that load faster and look great on mobile phones.
  2. Easy navigation: Go for a design that looks neat and easy to navigate. Not a cluttered one that’s full of funky colors, columns, and irrelevant navigations.
  3. SEO optimized: This means the theme has been designed with Google in mind. It will speed up your blog’s ranking process.

View Mythemeshop Themes

How do you make money from a mommy blog?

A lot of mommy bloggers seem to think they need to blog about blogging in order to make money.

Don’t fall into that trap. You have no idea what you’ll be missing out!

Here are 2 of the easiest ways to monetize your mommy blog from day 1:

  • Amazon affiliate program: You write useful product reviews and earn a commission every time someone purchases something from Amazon after clicking through your affiliate link from your website.

Say for instance you’ve purchased a baby stroller from Amazon, you can write about that. You can write about the experiences you’ve had with bad strollers (if any) and compare it to the one you’ve found.

You can write about what made you buy it, the cool features it has and how suitable it is for your baby.

Add some pictures of the stroller and your baby seated on it (optional) to build extra reliability with others who’re looking to buy the perfect baby stroller for their baby.

Every time you write a product review, you need to write as if you’re trying to persuade yourself. Write at least 1000 words of in-depth review with images, bullet points, and videos (if possible) and there you have it!

Now if you can write 1-2 in-depth product reviews on your blog, that’s one source of your passive income all set. It will take a while to rank on Google and start bringing traffic, but you will focus on promoting it in other places like Pinterest to get it going.

  • Other affiliate programs: Once you have your blog up and running, you will bump into products and services that you can promote on your blog and earn a commission from the company (or owner) when someone purchases it through your link.

These are two of the immediate ways to monetize your blog for making money when you’re just starting out, mommy.