Bluehost vs Siteground 2017 Comparison: What No One Tells You!

The battle is for real. Bluehost vs Siteground peeps!

Which one of them is the cheapest and most reliable host for WordPress blogs?

You’re about to find out!

This WordPress blog you’re reading right here is hosted with Siteground (with 60% discount). It was with Hostgator at first and then migrated (for free) to Siteground because I kept hearing too many awesome things about them to ignore.

But I also have 2 blogs hosted with Hostgator shared plan (for 3 +years) and I most likely will keep one of them there simply because Hostgator has never shut down my site due to traffic spike or CPU usage. Its servers are slow compared to Siteground and Bluehost, but I still have some good opinions about them.

And another one is on the way for Bluehost, but it will most likely be a test blog. Simply because I want to try them out myself before jumping into final conclusions. And let’s not forget both Bluehost & Hostgator now belong to EIG (Endurance International Group).


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You’re about to learn all the juicy bits (the good/bad) of both of these hosting companies.

honest review of siteground

Imagine being there and taking a nice deep breath?

That’s how I feel about the customer service of Siteground. They rock. Period.

Siteground lifetime FREE domain feature has been removed from 16th of March 2017. However, they now offer 60% discount on all 3 of their WordPress plans. 


And…I’m not the only one. I bet you already know that?

If you didn’t, thank me, because you do now.

Is Siteground a cheap web host for WordPress blogs?

Certainly! You know how they say there’s a pot for every lid?

Siteground also has a hosting plan for everyone: newbies and serious money making bloggers.

Bluehost vs Siteground WordPress hosting Comparison:

For the Startup Plans

We’re comparing their cheapest hosting plan available for wordpress blogs. For 1 year.

Siteground Startup Plan Features

Features Siteground
WordPress hosting plan name Startup
Free domain  

Feature gone from 16/03/2017,

but SiteGround now offers

60% off on all 3 plans.

First year hosting price

(Billed annually)

6.95/m 3.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount

Renewal price

(billed annually)

Web space 10 GB
Website hosted 1
Data transfer Unmetered
1 click wordpress install Yes
Existing site transfer

by host

Suitable for 0-10 000+ monthly visitors
Email account FREE
Daily auto backup FREE
Spam experts Yes
Cloudflare CDN Yes
30 days money back guarantee Yes
Earliest reply by live chat Within 1-5 minutes
Biggest Complaints CPU usage. Can be

handled with

precaution &

support they offer.

Suitable for Newbies/low traffic sites

Bluehost Basic Plan Features

Features Bluehost
WordPress hosting plan name Basic
Free domain Yes (1 year)
First year hosting price

(Billed annually)

$7.99 4.95/m

(60% off)

Get your discount

Renewal price

(billed annually)

Web space 50 GB
Website hosted 1
Data transfer Unmetered
1 click wordpress install Yes
Existing site transfer

by host

Suitable for Unlimited
Email account FREE
Daily auto backup FREE
Spam experts No
Cloudflare CDN Yes
30 days money back guarantee Yes
Earliest reply by live chat 40+ mins on average
Biggest Complaints Sudden site crashes/

poor customer service.

Suitable for Newbies/low traffic sites
View Bluehost Plans

Siteground Pros & Cons Overview

  • 3 WordPress plans (Startup, GrowBig and GoGeek)
  • Cheapest 60% discount on all 3 plans.
  • Almost 100% uptime
  • Second fastest host when compared to 12 other popular hosts (without cache, with cache they’re number 1.)
  • Remarkable customer support (replies within minutes).
  • 1 Click WordPress install
  • Extra safety/security features (free)
  • Free transfer for existing sites.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN (Faster website)
  • Supercacher (Increases speed)
  • Free daily backup/restore
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Siteground Deals

  • CPU Usage limit. Can be handled by taking precautions from day 1. E.g. enabling CloudFlare CDN and their Supercacher plugin. Plus they will gladly help you through it and offer extra if you run out of it before your monthly renewal of CPU.
  • Limited storage space compared to other web hosts. But they’re transparent about it instead of making false promises. And you can start with their basic plans/upgrade anytime as your business grows bigger.

Siteground WordPress plans & prices:

Plan name Price
StartUp (0-10,000+ monthly visits) 9.95 3.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount

GrowBig (0-25,000+monthly visits) 14.95 5.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount

GoGeek (0-100 000+monthly visits) 29.95 11.95/m

(60% off)

Get Discount

Bluehost Pros & Cons Overview

  • Recommended by WordPress
  • Easy to get started even for absolute beginners.
  • Popular brand: 20+ years in business.
  • Free domain (first year)
  • Suitable for newbies/small businesses
  • CloudFlare CDN for faster website.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime


  • Poor customer support.
  • Renewal prices are a lot higher than your first purchase.
  • Depending on what plan you’re using, you might occasionally experience a few server down moments.

FAQ Comparison for Bluehost vs Siteground

NO 1: Who’s the fastest WordPress host between Bluehost and Siteground?

I don’t know about you, but I want some nice traffic from Google, hence a fast loading website has to be the number 1 priority when it comes to deciding the best host for my WordPress blog.

And I don’t know about you but I’m hoping to turn my blogs into a business. So starting out with a host well known for fast loading websites is a must for me.

And that’s hands down Siteground, without a doubt.

Watch what Siteground has to say about their loading speed:

Look at Siteground’s loading speed compared to 12 other popular hosts including Bluehost, Hostgator, Inmotion, Godaddy, etc.

bluehost vs siteground page speed results

Doesn’t bluehost also offer fast loading?

According to many long-time and new customers, their loading speed is alright for new WordPress blogs and sites with less traffic.

And you might definitely get a much faster loading when you upgrade to their more expensive hosting plans. But then, we’re comparing the basic plans here.

Check out the 3 WordPress Plans of Siteground

NO 2: What the flip happens when your little WordPress blog grows bigger?

What if one day one of your blog posts go viral and you get 6000+ people viewing it under 2 minutes? What if your teeny WordPress blog goes from 0-40K+ traffic some day? What if your site is busy all the time?

Is it going to crash? Will the server go down at any point without warnings? Can you even imagine that?

See this comparison of Siteground performance speed with Bluehost and others.

bluehost vs siteground-performance speed

Looks like Siteground wants to shove it in your face with that humongous difference. That’s how much traffic Siteground can handle in 2 minutes with their Supercacher switched on. And even without it being on, Siteground was the second on the list with 8276 visits and the other being 8556.

NO 3: Does Siteground & Bluehost have 1 click WordPress installs?

Fortunately, yes. What if you’re a complete newbie and don’t have a clue what you’re doing? Well with the 1 click install, you can get your blog up and running in less than 15 minutes.

No complaints for both Bluehost and Siteground on this part. No need to panic if you’re not tech savvy, both of these hosting companies have made it easier to install and start your WordPress blog with 1 click.

NO 4: Bluehost vs Siteground: Who’s the best web host for site migration?

Siteground offers super quick free migration for all its customers. I have a couple blogs hosted with Hostgator, even this blog was with them at first but when I heard about all the raving reviews of Siteground, I had to give it a try.

The only thing I had to do was give my login details and that’s it. I woke up to an email confirming the migration of this WordPress blog.

And guess how that felt?

Like traveling on a business class! No kidding.

So if you already have your blog hosted with s**tyass host and you’re worried about the migration process, umm…you’ll be lucky with Siteground!

Bluehost also offers migration services at a cheap price of $149.99.

Siteground Discounts

NO 5: Who’s the most transparent WordPress host out of Siteground and Bluehost?

Look my friend: This is the basic price plan for Bluehost. Don’t let the $2.75/m deceive you. Hold on for a second!


Above is the default price on the first page for WordPress plans on Bluehost. So if you landed on it for the first ever time, you’ll jump to the moon and back about how cheap this web hosting is going to be for just under $40.

Until you land on this page after you select your domain name.

How’s that for transparency level?

I guess we can all take a moment to appreciate the clever business strategy eh?

You thought you were going to get your first year’s hosting for under $40? And then you’d have your big LOL moment when you see the default total of $170+ with the extras ticked (how caring)?

Who cares if they want to you to buy the 3 years hosting, that’s an even better deal right?

Maybe, but what if you didn’t know the renewal price? The regular price when it’s time to renew? It will be $8.99/m times by 36 months+vat.

Now have a look at Siteground Startup plan default price total:


Now the prices may go up and down depending on promotions/coupons, but the level of transparency is still going to be top notch with Siteground.

Unlike Bluehost, Siteground mentions the regular price on your total page before you make the payment, so you get an idea of what you will be paying when renewing hosting. And look at that, it’s set to 12 months by default and that’s exactly what it shows on their homepage for WordPress pricing plans.

But with Bluehost, I guess the people who’re 100% convinced about wanting to start a blog will not worry about paying 3 years hosting fee upfront. And those who do might opt in for the 12 months or to another host.


NO 6: Between Siteground and Bluehost, who offers the best customer service?

Have a look at these live chat support images and decide for yourselves: Both of these chats were done on the late evening of the same day.

Let’s start with the live chat customer service review for bluehost.

Keep in mind that live chat supports are extremely useful and it’s often the first thing publishers/business owners go for when they want immediate help with their website related issues.

At 9.45pm (UK), 5th of March 2017, I opened the live chat with bluehost using a random name. I don’t know why but yeah and here’s how it went.

At this point I had already done enough research about the customer support of bluehost, so I wasn’t expecting them to reply me within 5 or 10 minutes. Nop, I was expecting maybe 20-30 minutes range.

Think of me as a potential new customer or an existing customer of bluehost okay? So there I was, I had the chat opened on one tab and was busy with my work on other tabs.

To be honest, after 20 minutes of constant checking, I completely forgot I had this opened.

And I was quite shocked at this point, but since we’re all good now with the full green bar, I kept staring at the screen waiting for the chat to start any second.

And as you might have guessed, I forgot about it again and went about doing my own things after few minutes of staring at that green bar of bluehost live chat.

You know what?

I can’t believe how selfish and ungrateful I am.

Waiting for 1 hour and 43 minutes, why is that such a big deal for my small wordpress blog? Who cares if my site crashes or something goes wrong? I’m still a nobody in the blogosphere so why should I expect fast replies from them?

I should just suck it up and expect replies within 24 hours and be happy with that. My WordPress site can crash, slow down and go to hell, it doesn’t matter because it’s my fault for picking a cheap plan right?

Yes ^Sarcasm right there. Just making it clear for those who’re unaware of it.

Bottom line: It’s fair to say that one must expect bluehost to reply a little slower because of their enormous customer base, they probably have hundreds if not thousands of people signing up every single day. So can you imagine?

So yes it’s understandable. However, this also means they need to employ more people. Otherwise, those waiting in the queue for hours will end up getting tired and writing bad reviews. So long term customers gone. People constantly reading negative reviews means decrease in new customers.

Siteground Customer Service Review 2017

This live chat took place on the same day, just a few minutes after my moment with bluehost.

I knew Siteground would reply back quickly, but not this quick…

Got my reply back within 1 minute, on the same day as I did this with bluehost.

Just when you think that’s friggin awesome, take a look at this:

siteground has awesome email support

Granted Bluehost customer base, as mentioned earlier is VERY large, but Siteground is also doing an awesome job hosting over 500 000 websites. They’re growing faster and stronger than ever before, and providing the best possible customer support seems to be their number 1 priority.

Hold it right there guys, just because they keep replying within 2-5 minutes…

Does not mean I’m not going to be super selfish and expect Siteground staff to do that every single time. I will be perfectly fine with a once in awhile 10-15 minutes waiting because I know it will be a rare case with them.

When my little blog grows bigger some day, I wouldn’t think twice to upgrade to their more premium plans. Now that’s coming from the bottom of my heart.

Their startup plan combined with their customer service is so remarkable that one day, I would love to upgrade to their more expensive plans. Isn’t that how all businesses should be?

This means they got happy customers who’re happy to stay and grow their business with them and promote it to others. That’s a real win-win situation.

START with Siteground

NO 7: Bluehost vs Siteground: Who is the most reliable host for WordPress blogs?

They’re both popular, been around for more than 10 years. Officially recommended by WordPress.

Both Bluehost and Siteground have their share of pros and cons. I’m not happy with the limited storage options of Siteground beginner plans, but they always have discounts and I know I (and you) can upgrade anytime as the site grows bigger.

Same thing with Bluehost. I’m sure their more expensive plans would have better features than the WordPress shared hosting plans we’ve discussed on this post.

However, I’d still give my number 1 vote for Siteground, simply because if anything ever goes wrong, I can hop on the live chat and receive support within 2-3 minutes. They also have zero waiting time phone support.

Watch this Siteground Support video and see it for yourself.

But unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Bluehost. If something goes wrong, I’d have to wait for 30+ minutes on average for live chat replies. And the same thing for phone support as well.

I also love the transparency of Siteground.

START with Siteground

So what does that mean you shouldn’t host your blog with Bluehost?

“BlueHost was great for me. The prices were reasonable, and the support – by ticket and occasionally phone – was excellent. As the years have gone by, things have deteriorated. The services they have added have little relevance for me, and the support is, for all practical purposes – at least if you value your time, nonexistent.

I keep coming across a lot of the above ^ feedback about Bluehost. And that’s sad. Some of those reviews were coming from people who’ve hosted their blogs with Bluehost for 3+ years. So clearly, Bluehost was awesome once upon a time.

Bluehost if you ever happen to read this post:

You can be awesome again. We all know your customer base is humongous, but something has to be done about it. You need to focus on improving the customer satisfaction of the existing customers, just as much as you’re focusing on the new customers.

Bottom line: As mentioned earlier, Bluehost is popular, also has its share of amazing features, but their customer support is VERY average. If waiting for replies on live chat or emails doesn’t bother you, you can go for them.

See which bluehost wordpress plans might suit you.

Siteground Lifetime FREE domain feature will be gone forever form the 16th of March 2017.

Siteground lifetime FREE domain feature has been removed from the 16th of March 2017. But they now offer 60% discount on all 3 of their WP hosting plans.


Who’s your favorite web host out of Siteground and Bluehost?