I could tell you how thrilled I am that you’re here, but you will smell my lie in a blinking second.

I don’t know who you are (yet).

You could be a blogger, blogger wannabe, a spammer, heck you could even be someone’s badman cat staring at the screen like this.

So let’s get to know you first.

Are you a procrastinating potato?

Are you wasting time reading hundreds of blogs on ‘how to blog’ instead of actually making the friggin move on yours?

Are you reading about how someone’s making $$$$$ per month, every single day that it’s now starting to depress you?

Well, you must be my long lost blogging twin!

Except, by the lord’s grace, I’m no longer that person. And I want to help you to kill that person inside of you too.

My name is Hamz Suren. A 25-year-old newly married Christian wife blogger.

Not your typical “fake it till you make it” expert. I’ve failed gazillion time, still got a million things to fix and learn and I want all the procrastinating potatoes to accompany me on this journey.

Guess what?

It took me 11 failed and abandoned blogs, over the course of 3 years (since 2013), before I finally created and stuck with my successful one (not this).

So this is actually my 2nd active blog. I didn’t want to clutter my lifestyle blog with blogging tips, hence Blogofia was born.

I want to:

  1. Tell you about all the incredibly stooopid blogging mistakes I’ve made until this very second.
  2. I want to tell you why I sold a 2-year-old blog with 100+ posts and 16k+ monthly page views.
  3. I want to tell you how I went from zero-1060+ blog subscribers in under 2 months without spending a dime.
  4. I want to teach you how to go from a professional procrastinator to a professional blogger.
  5. I want to teach you everything I’ve learned about being a successful blogger.

But first, quick, pick the one that sounds like you:

  1. “Eww man, I don’t fart.”
  2. “Err..I just farted and?”

You guessed right.

If you chose number 1, you’re in the absolute wrong place.

On the other hand, if you’re not somebody who acts like their fart smells of roses or someone who doesn’t act like they don’t fart at all (because apparently, such beings exist):

Welcome to Blogofia!

Blogging brutally.

Speaking of which, if you ever spot a spelling/grammatical error or a broken link on any of my posts, be a Vanilla latte with cream on top, send me a note and let me know.